Astral Armegeddon

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Have you ever had a desire to take a much loved character, toss them out of their normal environs, just to see what would happen? Get them into situations that in their home "canon" would never be possible? Give them a chance to shine, in ways they normally never have the opportunity? Then come join us!


The Bifrost has been shattered by Thor's mighty hammer, but it did more than simply separate Asgard from the other Realms. It opened holes in the fabric of reality, allowing people from other realms through. Now, those who've fallen must adjust to a new place, learn a new language and the culture, while at the same time finding a way to close the door it has opened before it destroys the fabric of the universe as we know it, and find a way home.

We are a multi-fandom rp, set in New Mexico, using concepts from Marvel Verse. We are Yaoi/Yuri/Het/gender bender/Mpreg friendly, and are willing to discuss other content you may have a desire to bring in. We are darker themed, for the most part. NC- 17 very much welcome, but is not mandatory, and there WILL be sections for PG/R rated RP if asked for. Character death/torture very much allowed, but MUST be discussed and approved by those involved. OCs ARE allowed.

All in all, our basic motto is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Communication, and courtesy, and we want to provide a decent and friendly atmosphere for our players.

So if you are interested, please contact the_shezoo, mtwks_girl, or wingsofthegoddess on YIM, or VergilSpardaDK on AIM, and all other information will be provided, and your app process/trial rp scheduled.

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Fantasy. Historical. Fandom. Cross-Over. You will find

these genres and more, when you log on to Tatty!

We're a community of friendly, talented, creative, and

laid-back artists who come to Tatty to have fun with

the characters we love.

Currently, our RPG network consists of the following:






In ages past, the island paradise of Altruia once flourished with life, with culture. Great cities sprawled amid the jungles, the marble and limestone shimmering in the bright sun. The people We loved lived in grace and harmony with the flora and fauna of the jungle. They were Our children, and We bestowed upon them peace, longevity, and knowledge. We watched with joy as they grew from a primitive society into a great civilization, developing great technological advances to better life for all on the island.

It was a utopia beyond parallel. All lived in peace, singing their praises to Us, and We walked among them in love for centuries untold.

But, as it often does, power corrupted the leaders of this great society. They grew selfish and vain, abusing what We had so graciously given. They turned their attentions, not to peace and betterment of their fellows, but to war and conquest. Angered by this betrayal of Our trust, We touched the earth beneath the Palace of Eternity and lifted the ancient earth, opening the rift in the land and letting the molten core flow from the wound. The newly formed volcano demolished the beautiful Altruia, razed to the earth its once imperial splendor.

Altruia was no more.

For eons We wept, uncaring that Nature once more extended her gentle hand and began to reclaim what We had once cherished so lovingly. Overcome with Our grief, We let the memories of Our beloved Altruia fade into Time’s passage, shadowed echoes of what had once been this paradise. But even as We returned to our heavenly abode, Our ears quickened with the voices of new life, life that had come into being out amongst the distant stars. Life that might even bring about the restoration of Our former Altruia.

And so, We awakened from Our mourning and began to extend Our hands, bringing those to Us who might take Us forward into bright glory once again…for Altruia…
Welcome, Honored Traveler, to Altruia.

Altruia is a pan-fandom/Original Character rp community that is takes place on a large island in the middle of some unknown ocean. The island is completely isolated, but there are remnants of what used to be a great civilization buried deep in the jungles.

There is no running water, no electricity, no air conditioning, no “comforts of home”. However, residents are given “gifts” by the not-so-trusting gods of Altruia, so that they might better survive and eventually recolonize the once great empire.

For further information, please visit the following links. And enjoy your stay on our beautiful island paradise.


Places of Interest //Taken Characters // Character Reservation
Character Application // Requested Characters // Cabin Assignments
Altruia Moderators // Altruia OOC Community // Friends Add/Remove // Altruia Log Community

La la laaa
Name: Laur
LJ: munklesunkie
Timezone: EST
Series you RP:
The Shield
The Good guys

Characters you RP:
Naruto; Hatake Kakashi

Watchmen; Rorschach, or Nite Owl, or probably anyone

The Good Guys; Dan Stark, OR Jack Bailey

The Shield; Curtis "Lem" Lemansky
Ronnie Gardocki
Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach
David Aceveda (loosely)

Characters you’re looking to interact with:
Naruto; Maito Gai

Watchmen; Daniel Dreiberg most of the cast

The Good Guys; Jack Bailey OR Dan Stark

The Shield; Ronnie Gardocki
Basically ANYONE from the Strike Team.
Curtis "Lem" Lemansky
Claudette Wyms
Vic Mackey
Full cast :3
Pairing (if applicable):

Rorschach/Daniel or Daniel/Rorschach




Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:
Naruto;Not really

Watchmen; Comic verse, or movie, whichever. Open to discussions on the time line though.
The Good Guys; The current time in the series :P

The Shield; Anything. Like pre-seies, or AU, or just whatever (I'm really keen on this idea I have for an AU, it's a really Ronnie heavy thing though)

Do you smut?: Occasionally, if it has a point behind it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
You should probably let me know why you're contacting me upon doing so, I could other wise assume it is a friend punking me.
I only feel comfortable RPing with people eighteen or older.
I generally have lots of RP plot ideas, but they aren't always solid, so I'd like to meet someone I can talk to, bounce ideas off of. Maybe work something good out (a good partner).

It's not easy for me to jump in and just RP with someone, if I can't get a good read on the person it's hard for me to RP with them (because it's hard for me to tell if they actually like the RP this way/the way I'm using the character.), I'm open to improving so if you have criticism for me while we're playing together let me know.

And on a side note; I do RP OC's, but only if there's a good plot. I RP yaoi with OC's, if there's a good plot.

But right now I'm looking for Shield RPers.
Though if you're interested in RPing any of the other choices, you can talk to me, and I will provide samples, etc.

I'll leave this post here (usually I go back and delete them after several months), so if you see this some time, and wanna maybe talk to me, go ahead. (Even if it's years after the post was originally posted.)

Hoping for a long shot.
Name: Munkle
LJ: this one
Email: ...Ask?
Timezone: EST-8 (?)

Series you RP:
Lonesome Dove
Good guys
Originals :P
Characters you RP:
Naruto: Hatake Kakashi, Tenten, Jiraiya
Watchmen; Daniel Dreiberg, Rorschach, pre-Roche case!Rorschach, Walter Kovacs, Comedian
Lonesome Dove; Gus McCrae

Good Guys: Dan Stark
Characters you’re looking to interact with:
Rorschach for Daniel, Daniel for Rorschach
Gai for Kakashi
Woodrow Call for Gus Mcrae
Jack Bailey, for Dan Stark
...OCs, for my OCs?
Possibly Gus/Call
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!
Do you smut?: When the plot calls for it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
Wanted; One fun lovin' RPer, looking for a long term RP partner!
Must love good times!
Pina coladas, writing long walks on the beach, and getting caught in the rain, and staying up past midnight!

...And be competent when using grammar.

Seriously though, I'm looking for a Rorschach RPer, I'm open minded so all you have to do is talk to me about what you want to do, but I do have a few ideas.
I can provide you with samples if you IM ME, or PM ME.
And I am aware of the fact that most Watchmen fans watched the movie and were great active fans for almost a year after it was out. BUT I read the comics then years ago, and I didn't bother watching the movie until December, so I'm looking for a fan that still wants to RP these guys.

...Hell, I'm even open to just getting someone to talk to about my fandoms right now. So if you see this add, and aren't interested in RPing, I'm interested in just talking! And if you like to read, I write tons of fics that I don't post, so yeah.

Coming Soon! Greenwood Academy! A pan-fandom roleplaying game!

Find out more!Collapse )

There's a new game in town <3
black and white
Accepting all fandoms/characters. Everyone is currently available.
If you have questions about your character preference/wonder how it would work for the character, just ask me and I'll try to help you any way I can.
Also, looking for some co-mods. Preferably two.

Based in an alternate universe, set in New York city A multiple fandom role playing game: Electronic City.

"Our days of glory..."

You're waking to a city full up with noise, pain, and scum. All desperately clinging to what's left of the life. The American dream. A life you want to be a part of. A life that can only exist in soft, small cities. Not the cities that are full of drunks, drug addicts, and prostitutes.
You don't remember coming here, but your head is spinning, and you're sitting up in a bed that is most definitely not yours, and your trying to see the skyline, but the city is dark. Sleeping. And you realize that the electricity is out.

And you're wide awake in the city that never sleeps.

What's better to do then pull on a coat and wander the streets, as you wait to wake up, back in your soft bed, with your silk sheets, and the warm food on the stove top.

You wonder, in the back of your mind, how you got here, as you step out of the run down building, you realize that your wildest dreams may just be coming true, and above you there's an odd electronic whining, and suddenly the city flips on, and you start d own the street, all t he while wondering how you got here, and what street you're on.

The last thing you remember before waking up, was a blinding white light, and screams of terror as people rushed past you, away from the light, clawing at you trying to drag you back away from it, as you extended your hand and took a shaky step forward, a soft smile on your lips as you realized that you were never going to see your home again, and as you closed your eyes, a feeling igniting inside of you that made you feel as if you were about to combust, a tear rolled down your cheek.

And everything went black.

"...can start anew"

(no subject)
Characters you would prefer to use: Hatake Kakashi

Characters you would like yours to interact with: Maito Gai

Preferred pairing: Gai/Kakashi

Is there a particular age group you would prefer?: 18+

Timeline/Setting: Open to discussion. But I'd like to do something modern, based around cops, and stuff >_>

AIM/e-mail or any other form of contact: AIM.

Any additional information: I'm not going to bother putting a sample here, I'd prefer to TALK to the person first, feel free to IM me any time after 8PM EST if I'm on line, where I will GLADLY share a sample with you. :)

Naruto soaps; Back on the air!
In a secluded area of Japan, there lies a city, not many people have been here, or have even heard of it. It's a quiet country place, some where you'd be proud to call home...

The streets are always filled with people, talking, and laughing, just enjoying life. Not much happens here, but the inhabitants are happy with it.

Though there are a few rebels that want more out of life then this quaint country life, there are those who have left their home...but they will eventually return.

Though you could not tell from the exterior view that Konoha offers, there is a dark side to this city. With gangsters, and prostitution rings, and even more dangerous things, lurking just beneath the surface.

The city, which seems so pristine from outside, is about to get shaken up.

The question now is, who is going to start things?

as_shurikenturn an alternate universe soap opera, Naruto role play.

Looking for members.

We'd be happy to have you in our cast~

Katsuyu General Hospital: An AU Naruto Roleplay

In central Shinjuku, Tokyo, a brand new medical facility was recently opened - the largest in the greater metropolitan area. Guided by the needs of patients and their families, Katsuyu General Hospital offers services in thirteen general clinical departments, employing the most highly qualified doctors and nurses in Japan.

The hospital atmosphere is much like any other: secure, comfortable, compassionate, and yet so overwhelmingly sterile it might give a sane man an anxiety disorder. Not to worry though - Psychiatric Ward is on the third floor.

Due to the increasing demand for clinical services, KGH is undergoing a large-scale appointment of doctors, nurses, specialists, and other facility personnel. All experienced, competent professionals are encouraged to apply for a position and positively contribute to the medical staff environment.

Welcome to Katsuyu General Hospital. Where professional conduct is at its highest, staff are exceedingly efficient and cooperative, and every day is business as usual...

Let's try that again.

Welcome to KGH. Where professional conduct is a front, personalities clash, work is oppressive and chaotic, and every day is a waking nightmare.

...what floor's the Psych Ward on again?

This is a brand new serious AU Naruto roleplay loosely based on popular medical television shows, as well as my own personal experience with the internal workings of a hospital.

Because every roleplay community is different, let me explain my definition of 'serious'. I expect that members will take the hospital setting seriously and mold their characters within that setting, and I expect that once the character's personality is defined (in the application), the rper will stay true to that personality. Other than that, let the shit hit the fan.

Applications are currently being accepted. No deadline.

Game officially begins Saturday, June 5th 2010.

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