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pimp_rpgs's Journal

The place to pimp your RPGs.
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Rules (rules are subject to change at any time.):

Rules number one: This community is for the search of some one to role play with, you can post here for your games looking for people to join your game, or even just look for a certain character you need for the game.

Rule number two: it doesn't matter how many times you post, as long as you aren't flooding the community.

Rule number three: if some one posts some thing in the community that offends you, please just kindly look away, there's no need for a fight, so avoid one by all means.

Rule number four: If you have a post that is over one thousand five hundred words, please do put it, or part of it, underneath an LJ cut.

Rule number five: Play nice everyone!

Posting form for a singal character you're looking for for your game:

Community pimpage post

Form of contact